How to create slideshow videos with pan and zoom effects on ipad?

On customer request, I would like to write a tutorial today. Topic: How to create animated slideshows with pan & zoom effects on the iPad.

The app for creating photo slideshow videos on ipad is Photo Sideshow Director HD. With the latest version of this app, users are able to turn their photos into beautiful slideshows and videos with pan and zoom effects.
Step 1 Get the latest version of the app on your iPad from iTunes app store and install it. Step 2 Open the app and start a new project. Then add photos and background music, choose theme, customize transitions, etc.
Step 3 Arrange pan & zoom effects.

Now I will describe the 3rd Step in detail.
Click on the photo you want to add effects, then a pen with a paper will appear. Tap the pen and there you see a row of buttons – click on the pen with paper one and the window to set the pan and zoom effects appears.
The “pan & zoom” window can also be accessed by clicking on the “A” button.
Foto Diashow Regisseur HD 2.5 Pan und Zoom
Put the photo on position A, tap on “Set as Start” – this is where and how the picture will start to play.
Then place the photo on position B and tap on the “Set as end” button – This is where and how the diaplay of this picture ends.

Note I: If you want to use this effect to all photos, then just turn on the “Apply to all photos” button.
Note II: In order to set the start and end position of the photo, you can use gestures like pan, pinch and rotate.

Here is a demo video which displays the created slideshows with pan and zoom effects:

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