How to preview the created slideshows on iPad and HDTV?

After you have created a slide show with Photo Slideshow Director HD on iPad, you can preview it in two ways – directly on iPad, or on big screen HDTV. This article will illustrate you how.

Preview the slide show

You can view it directly on iPad by tapping the play button below the viewer. Tap the tap the button to pause. Make some slight changes if necessary. Then continue to play from the paused place.

Preview the slideshow in full screen

To preview the slide show in full screen: tap thefull screen play button below the viewer.
Tap the screen to make the task bar appear. Tap this button again to quit the full-screen mode.

Preview the slide show on TV

1. Make sure your TV and iPad are both powered on.
2. Choose “HDTV” as the output format by tapping the Photo Slideshow Director output HDTV button below the viewer.
3. Connect  your iPad to your HDTV with Apple Digital AV Adaptor and HDMI cable or with a Apple VGA Adaptor and the slideshow will be streaming to your TV’s big

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