How to output your slide shows on iPad?

This user guide will show you how to output your slide shows using Photo Slideshow Director HD on iPad. There are mainly two directions of the output – as slide show and as video file.

After you have created a slide show project out of photos, (regardless of where they come from – either from your local camera roll, or just taken by the built in camera of your iPad, or from your Facebook/Picasa/Flickr web albums) with effects like transition, theme, pan&zoom and music in the background, which all enhance  there are two things left to do: To share it and to save it.

Tap on the output buttonPhoto Slideshow Director HD - output and you will see this output list appear:

Photo Slideshow Director HD - output options

You can play the created slideshow directly on iPad. Or you can connect your iPad to your HDTV with Apple Digital AV Adaptor and HDMI cable or with a Apple VGA Adaptor.

Or you can encode your slide show projects to HD videos with a simple tap. The video encoding is very fast with almost 1x speed. The encoded .mov file will be saved in camera roll. You can transfer them to PC to burn DVDs, or put them in to a USB stick for playback on HDTV, or upload to YouTube and Facebook to share with even more people. You can also watch the slideshow movie on Apple TV via AirPlay.

Choose an appropriate output format and savor your slide shows!

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