How to customize transitions on Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac?

As for Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac, things turns out to be a little complicated. You can’t choose the one and apply it to all directly in the program. You need to do some “programming” work. It is a bug we are going to fix in the future upgrade.

Currently you can not apply only one transiton to all slides in the program directly.  However, a workround for now is available – to modify the output slide.xml file.


1. Go to create the slideshow as usual;

2. Open the output folder of the program, you will get the slideshow files;

3. Right click the slides.xml file to open it with a text editor, you will see there is a “transition” element for each slide, you can change the default value zero to any numbers from 1 to 68 for each slide separately.

Then save this file and update the slideshow in the program. You can preview the effects.

Note: Each number stands for a transition effect, you can go to the slideshow program –> Theme tab –> Preset & Customize panel –> click the Transition arrary.
Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac - transition pane

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