How to get rid of the annoying link/url in the slideshow? -Flash Slideshow Maker Professional

We have reveived some questions and compaints about the program Flash Slideshow Maker Professional.

Here I would like to quote one email from our customer:

“I am trying to get rid of the link that is embedded in the slideshow which if clicked generates a new window to your website. I have the paid version of the program and find it very frustrating that I have to deal with the cheesy aspect of having this stupid link when I need this for the websites I am building for clients. I can’t use your slideshows if the link is on there!”

By default, there will be a link (to our homepage) for each photo. You can also edit this property and put your own link there, so the viewers will be led to a certain website by clicking the photo when watching the slideshow.

Although this is specially convenient and benificial for business purposes and presentations, for individual usage the link seems to be redundant and unnecessary. So it is totally understandable if you don´t like it.

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to remove the link from your slideshows.

Method 1. Open the program, add photos as usual, then click on “properties” under the”Photo” tab. Remove the link line and click “Apply to All”.

Method 2. Disable the property of “enable link” by clicking the “customize properties” panel under the “choose menu” tab. Then set the “enable link” as “false”.
Please don´t forget to click the “build all ” button to apply the changes before you preview it.

More tutorials please visit our knowledge base:
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