Flash Slideshow Maker: Tutorial on how to customize transition effects

There are more than 50 transition effects (68 all together) in Flash Slideshow Maker, which makes your slideshow vivid and insteresting, thus attractive. You can use the default value as well as customize the transition individually for your slideshow.

However, these transitions can also be distractive, if the slideshow is about a serious theme, or it will be played on a scientific occasion. So some customers have come with this request: I need only one transition for all the images, please advise.

This tutorial will show this to you step by step.

Flash Slideshow Maker for Windows OS

Please download and install the latest version of this program, run it and add some images as usual. Then choose the “Transition Effect” tab. You will see all 68 transitions listed there.

Choose the one you want, and click “apply to all” if you want to use this one for all your images.

Click “Yes”

Note: Please remember to click “Build all” or “Build” to apply the change to the slide show. Then go to the “Theme” panel to preview your slideshow.

If you are running Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac OS, please go to another user guide: Customize transition effects on Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac

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